Doermer School of Business

Doermer Distinguished Scholar

Criteria for consideration to be a Doermer Scholar:

To be eligible for the Doermer Scholars program, a student must have already met the criteria for the Chancellor’s Distinguished Scholarship and have submitted a FAFSA and show financial need or have an extenuating circumstance.

Students who meet this criteria are invited to come to campus for our major scholarships competition day. 

Criteria for maintaining the scholarship:

Awards require full-time enrollment (minimum of 12 credit hours each semester) in Fall and Spring semesters, with no break in enrollment. This award may be used for summer school. For summer school only, the enrollment does not have to be full-time.

A cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater is required for renewal. Grades for renewal are only checked at the end of spring semester each year.

Awards are limited to four years of enrollment, with no break in enrollment periods (students are not required to enroll in summer).

If the student chooses to change to a major outside of the Doermer School of Business, then the scholarship is forfeited.

Value of the scholarship:

While the Chancellors Distinguished Scholarship will be covering the cost of tuition, the Doermer Scholarship will cover the cost of room and board, as well as a stipend for books each semester.

Benefits of being a Doermer Scholar:

Mentors- each Doermer Scholar will be paired with a faculty mentor and a mentor in the business community.  The business leader mentor may stay the same for four years or change based on the student’s interest.

Networking Opportunities – the Doermer Scholars will be invited to attend Business Advisory Council and Alumni Council meetings and other events allowing the opportunity to network with leaders in our business community.

International Experiences – Upon completion of BUS M301, P301, F301 and Z302, Doermer Scholars will automatically be considered Lawson Scholars and have the opportunity to participate in the D490 International Experience course once without having to complete the application process.  This three credit course provides a 10-12 day international business travel experience to countries such as France, China or India at no expense to the student.

Internships – The staff of the Doermer School of Business in conjunction with the Office of Academic Internships, Cooperative Education, and Service Learning will work to find internship opportunities during the junior and senior year that match the Doermer Scholar’s interest.