Doermer School of Business

Common OASIS Registration Errors

  • If you are trying to register for the K200 series, you will need pre-authorization from our office. K200 is listed as a prerequisite for K211 and K211 is listed as a prerequisite for K212 and K213. Each course is one credit hour and lasts five weeks, so they can all be taken in the same semester. However, the system does not recognize that you will be completing the prerequisites in the same semester, and will not let you register for all of them without pre authorization from us. Just call or e-mail the Student Center.
  • If you get a message that says: “Major Restriction” while trying to register for a 300 level business course, most likely you have not been entered in the computer as a business major with a declared major yet. You must have completed all the pre-business requirements and contacted the DSB Student Center to declare your major. We will need to verify your successful completion of pre-business requirements before your coding in the computer can be changed. You should notify the Student Center of your completion of pre-business requirements at least two weeks before it is time for you to register, so that you will be able to register yourself on OASIS. Otherwise, you will only be able to register for 300 level courses with the help of an advisor and you will be delayed until there is an available appointment time.
  • If you get a message that says “Prereq or Test Score Error” then you have not completed the appropriate prerequisite for the class in which you are trying to register. Please review the chart below or look at your Bulletin to know what the prerequisites for classes are. Occasionally, students who have transfer credit that came in as different course numbers may get this message. If so, you will need to call the Student Center so we can verify that you have the appropriate prerequisite and register you in the course.