Doermer School of Business

Request for Admission to Upper Level Business Program

For students pursuing a bachelor's degree and who have completed their pre-business courses. Complete this form if you have completed or will complete this current semester the following courses:

  • COM 114
  • ENG W233
  • MA 229 (or other calculus class)
  • PSY 120 or SOC S161
  • BUS A201
  • BUS A202
  • BUS J100
  • BUS J200
  • BUS K201 (or BUS K211-K212-K213)
  • BUS L203 (or L200)
  • BUS W204 (if admitted before Fall 2011)
  • ECON E201
  • ECON E202
  • ECON E270

To be admitted you must have completed this list of courses with a combined GPA of 2.3 or higher. You can only have repeated up to two of these courses one time each.

Once you submit this form, your academic record will be reviewed and you will receive an email approximately two weeks later indicating whether or not you have met the admission requirements. You will not be able to register for 300 level business courses until this application process is completed.

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Last Four Digits of ID Number:
Date of Birth:
Daytime Telephone Number:

If you are active in the Honors Program, then check the box 

If you receive accommodations through Services for Students with Disabilities, then check the box 

If you are a student athlete, then check the box 

I am currently a pre-business student and I am completing the pre-business requirements this semester. I need authorization to enroll in upper level business courses. I am planning to pursue a major in (If you want a double major, please select both, by holding the Ctrl key down and selecting the two):


I would also like to pursue a minor in the following (optional):


I understand that if I do not satisfactorily complete the pre-business requirements this semester, I will not be eligible to take upper level courses and those courses will be dropped from my schedule.

Comments or other minor (optional):