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Doermer School of Business

Professor For A Day

The Professor for a Day program is intended to introduce Doermer School of Business faculty and students to contemporary business issues faced by northeast Indiana business firms. We invite our guest to speak to upper level undergraduate and MBA students in policy and strategy courses. Our guest opens the session with a topic that is contemporary and relevant to his/her organization, explains the situation and its impact on the organization's business model, shares the company's approach to resolution, and invites student questions. Our guest may come with a formal presentation using presentation software such as PowerPoint or make use of handouts and other media. Or our guest may be very informal and invite student interaction by asking how they would approach resolution.

The amount of time is at the discretion of our guest. We limit the number of sessions with students to three.

Some guests have spoken to unique challenges faced by their industry such as outsourcing, off shoring, collaborations, partnerships, labor/management relations, business ethics, global issues affecting their company and/or the northeast Indiana economy, and their perception of good learning experiences for business students in preparation for careers. The ethics of conducting business in our guest's industry comes up in many discussions.