Celebrate 50 Years
Doermer School of Business

Visiting Executive In Residence

The Doermer School of Business connects learning of the business curriculum with its practice in many ways.  The School’s strategic initiatives such as the Curriculum Connection, International Experience, Student Competitions, Cole Entrepreneurship Program, and others are intended for this purpose.  They take our students and faculty to the workplaces of CEOs, managers, and officers of regional companies.   The Executive-in-Residence Program brings the executive into the student’s  learning environment.  Over the course of several days, our guest delivers lectures, critiques current projects and problem solving scenarios, offers students views of contemporary high profile business situations, and provides advice on career planning.

The experience gives our faculty and administrators an opportunity to seek advice on designing business curricula and meaningful learning experiences.  In time, we will draw our guest into assessment of learning outcomes.

Our guests have spoken about business ethics, conducting international business, corporate governance, managing people, future of regional manufacturing, regional and U.S. competitiveness, and the importance of cultivating innovation in existing corporations.

The highlight of the program is the interaction between guest and students in question/answer setting.