Doermer School of Business

Special Programs

To ensure our students have the best learning environment to acquire world-class job skills for the 21st century global economy, the school offers the following special programs to prepare our students:

  • As a best practice in the nation, students in the international program are offered an opportunity to conduct foreign market research for firms in the Northeast Indiana Region without having to pay any travel expenses out of their own pocket. While in the foreign country, students visit universities and companies, meet with foreign business leaders and public officials, study culture and business practices, and most importantly, explore market and business opportunities for US products and services.
  • Based on the theory of collaborative learning, learning communities offer freshmen from the school to sign up for business classes that are taught in a cohort format.  Students sign up for these linked classes have ample opportunities to learn the subject matters as a community, to network with each other in required extra-curricular activities, and to participate more in the life of the school.  Evidence shows that students in the learning communities learn better, retain what they learned better, and enjoy their life better. 
  • To bring the corporate board room to IPFW, the school invited chief executives from successful business entities from the Northeast Indiana region to become a professor for a day.  Students learn first-hand from these professors on how business decisions are made, why they are made, what skills are required for making those decisions, and the secrets of having a successful career in business world.
  • To test the knowledge acquisition of our students and their ability to apply it to real situations, the Doermer School undergraduate and MBA students participate in various competitions involving business planning, business analysis, essay (ethics), role playing (Federal Reserve Banks), and business simulation. Most of these competitions involve a subject company from northeast Indiana.  Given regional subject companies and students' desire to win, the competitions reflect out pursuit of the school’s mission to support regional economic development through excellence in business education.
  • Students in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) have an opportunity to help low-income taxpayers to prepare their tax returns. Qualified students have to complete an IRS approved certificate program on income tax preparation. They are supervised by faculty with expertise in taxation. The program is an excellent vehicle for students to serve their community, sharpen their understanding of tax laws, and fulfill the credit requirement for their degrees.