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Economics Professors Consider Economy with New Economics Textbook

It’s no secret that college textbooks can be expensive. It’s also not a secret that at some point, most textbooks need to be updated. With those two thoughts in mind, Professor of Economics David Dilts and Assistant Professor of Economics Myeong Hwan Kim, successfully updated an economics textbook and made it an economical buy.

Economics was published over the summer by Kendall Hart of Dubuque, Iowa, and is in use in college classrooms today. Dilts, who wrote the original text, said the book “…was written because of the need for topical coverage in the MBA program and the increasingly unreasonable cost of college textbooks.” Kim says he and Dilts “…updated and reorganized the book, with Professor Dilts adding some new material. This new edition, being a paperback, is more affordable than a hard-cover book, with a sticker price of less than $70. A hard-cover book would be much more than $100.”

Dilts, who joined the DSB faculty 1987, has written ten other books. His teaching interests include industrial dispute resolution, labor relations, labor law, economic education, and general economics. Kim became a member of the faculty in 2008. His teaching interests include international economics and general economics. Kim emphasizes the theoretical aspects of problem solving and critical thinking.