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Business Advisory Council Reenergized

An active business advisory council is very important for any business school to prosper and grow.  Recognizing its importance, Dean Chang made it a priority to revive the School’s Business Advisory Council.  His strong recruitment of community and business leaders increased the number of membership as well as the enthusiasm of participation. Chaired by Mr. Tom Cottrell, the Council currently has 40 members from industry, government and faculty. A complete list of the membership can be found at here.

In its first meeting on February 17, 2009, the Council discussed the role of the School in the regional economic development, reviewed the School’s strategic plan, and provided guidance to several strategic initiatives undertaken by the School, such as accelerated MBA program, the integrated marketing campaign and the small business consulting initiative.  At its second meeting on May 27, 2009, the Council will hear from Chancellor Wartell and Dean Chang on the state of the University and the School, discuss major challenges of the school, and deliberate on the structure of the Council.