Department of Economics

What are the benefits of majoring in Economics?

There are many positives that come with an Economics major at IPFW. First and foremost, you will find the subject of economics interesting and intellectually challenging. It is a way of thinking about the world that complements many disciplines. In fact, many IPFW students create "double majors" in economics and a second discipline because of its applicability to a wide range of academic studies. In the past, we have had students pair the Economics major with majors such as Business Administration, Political Science, Mathematics, Physics, Sociology and foreign languages.

Second, economics has social relevance. Dealing with issues such as unemployment, poverty, inflation, market structure, international competitiveness and the quality of our environment, economics attracts students with an interest in understanding important economic problems and a desire to use what they learn to improve the human condition.

Third, economics will help you develop analytic decision making skills that will be valuable in the future profession of your choice. You will find individuals using their undergraduate Economics majors in all walks of life, including education, banking and finance, business, social service, government regulation, politics and law.