Community Research Institute

Community Research Institute

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The Community Research Institute (CRI) is one of IPFW's commitments at the Fort Wayne campus to promote the growth and vitality of northeast Indiana. The Institute serves as one of the portals linking expertise at IPFW with the needs of the public, private, and non-profit leaders in northeast Indiana. CRI provides contract-based research and analytical services through ongoing support, special in-depth reports, presentations, and economic commentary.

Our service areas include:

  • Demographic and economic data analysis
  • Fine-grain occupational, industry, and education data and analysis from EMSI
  • Strategic planning
  • Municipal finance
  • Public policy
  • Urban planning
  • Economic, workforce, and community development support
  • Benchmark and performance metric tracking
  • Website development and support
  • Meeting facilitation

The Community Research Institute was founded in 1982 by Dr. Thomas Guthrie, who served as the director for twenty years, and led by John Stafford, AICP from 2003 until mid-2013. Today, CRI is led by Ellen Cutter, AICP and supported by researchers Valerie Richardson and Ashley Wierzbinski. John Stafford continues to support CRI’s efforts on a part-time basis. Over the Institute’s 31 year history, it has grown to become a trusted partner in northeast Indiana’s business, government, and civic communities.