College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Communication


Communicating is a part of your life, whether you’re smiling, talking, writing, or using the latest form of technology to stay in touch. Communication underlies professional as well as personal success.

Dept. of Communication August 2014

Front row, left to right: Dan Tamul, Randi Boyd, Marcia Dixson,
Kathy Whitcraft, Wei Luo
Back row, left to right: Adam Dircksen, Kevin Stoller, Melissa Dietrich,
 Assem Nasr, Sarah LeBlanc, Steve Carr, Michelle Kearl, Art Herbig,
Barb Smith, Irwin Mallin, Deborah Godwin-Starks

The IPFW Department of Communication offers bachelor's and master's degrees to prepare you for success in the communication field. At IPFW, you’ll receive:

  • hands-on experience in the classroom, including the use of our state-of-the-art Mac Lab.
  • opportunities to receive money to attend conferences so you can learn from professionals in the  communication field.
  • work experience through our internship program.
  • small class sizes and personal attention from your professors.
  • cost-effective degree from Purdue University, an internationally recognized leader in higher education.

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