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Academic Regulations Academic Standing

Academic Standing

  • 9.0: Academic Standing
  • 9.1: Good standing. For purposes of reports and communications to other institutions, and in the absence of any further qualifications of the term, a student is considered in "good standing" unless that student has been dismissed, suspended, or dropped from IPFW and not readmitted.
  • 9.2: Academic recognition. At the conclusion of each fall or spring semester (but not any summer session) the Registrar shall indicate which undergraduate students are eligible for academic recognition.
  • 9.2.1: On the Dean's List for having (a) at least 12 credit hours included in the graduation GPA, (b) at least 6 credit hours included in the semester GPA, (c) achieving at least a 3.5 graduation GPA, and (d) achieving at least a 3.0 semester GPA.
  • 9.2.2: On the Semester Honors List for (a) having at least 6 credit hours included in the semester GPA, (b) achieving at least a 3.5 semester GPA, and (c) achieving at least a 2.0 graduation GPA.
    • Any student who achieves academic recognition for either of the two previous semesters is recognized at the annual Honors Convocation. An academic record entry will note the student's achievement of academic recognition.
  • 9.3: Recognition of completion of honors program. When a student is certified by the Honors Program Council to have completed the requirements of the honors program, an appropriate academic record notation shall be made.
  • 9.4: Academic probation, dismissal, and readmission. The following probation, dismissal, and readmission criteria are minimums for IPFW; academic units may set higher standards which shall become effective upon publication in the Bulletin or its supplement. A student dismissed from a program for failure to meet the higher standards imposed by an academic unit must be accepted in another program before registering for a subsequent academic session.
  • 9.4.1: Probation. A student shall be placed on probation and so notified by the Registrar whenever that student's semester or cumulative GPA at the end of any regular semester is less than the minimum standards specified in the following table, and an appropriate notation on the student's academic record shall be made:

GPA Levels for Probation

Class Standing Semester GPA Cumulative GPA
A1,B1,ND,NH 1.50 1.50
A2,B2 1.60 1.70
A3,B3 1.70 1.90
B4 1.70 2.00

A student is removed from probation upon achieving the minimum semester and cumulative GPA in the above table. Any grade change will require recalculation of probation status.

  • 9.4.2: Dismissal. A student who is on probation shall be notified of dismissal by the Registrar if the student, at the end of any regular semester, receives failing grades in six or more credit hours for that semester or does not meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirements in the following table:

GPA Levels for Dismissal

Class Standing Cumulative GPA
A1,B1,ND,NH 1.30
A2,B2 1.50
A3,B3 1.70
B4 1.90

An appropriate notation shall be made on the student's academic record unless the student completes a degree that semester. Any grade change will require recalculation of dismissal status.

  • 9.4.3: Readmission. A student who was dismissed with fewer than 12 credit hours attempted since the student's admission or readmission shall be readmitted upon request, and the student shall not be subject to normal procedures and fees related to the readmission. Any other student who has been dismissed from IPFW or from another campus of Indiana University or Purdue University may not enroll at IPFW until one fall or spring semester has passed. Thereafter, the student may be readmitted according to procedures specified by a school or division. All readmissions are into probationary status. Readmissions shall be reported to the Registrar, and an appropriate entry shall be made on the student's academic record.

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