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Business Dynamics


Targeted Industry and Manufacturing Business Dynamics Reports for Northeast Indiana

The annual business dynamics report for the 10 county northeast Indiana region which focuses on changes (new, expansion, closing, downsizing, lay-off, and acquisition) to businesses in manufacturing and targeted industries.

Prepared for the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership.

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Benefit & Wage Surveys


2014 Survey of Benefits & Report of Wages for Whitley County

available in PDF format (27 pages):

The 2014 Survey of Benefits & Report of Wages is sponsored by the Whitley County EDC, Northeast Indiana Works, and leading employers 80/20, Inc, Ultra Electronics-USSI, and Warner Electric, LLC. Staff at the Community Research Institute at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) utilized occupational wage data from Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) based on employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages Program. An electronic survey of benefits such as leave, insurance, and retirement was distributed to area employers. Other topics examined in the benefits survey include cost of benefits packages, impact of the Affordable Care Act, hiring practices, and use of resources available from Northeast Indiana Works.


2010 Northeast Indiana Fringe Benefit Survey with Occupational Wage Data

available in PDF format (41 pages):

In January 2010, Community Research Institute conducted a survey, sponsored by WorkOne Northeast, of the employer-provided benefits that companies offer in the 11-county northeast Indiana area. The result of this survey is a detailed analysis which will assist businesses, community leaders, and employees to make informed decisions and aid in planning. In addition to the overall analysis of these responses, this analysis investigated whether fringe benefits differed by classification (exempt and non-exempt). Additional analysis was done by sub regions: northern counties, western counties, and the central counties.

Access the sub region reports here (all in pdf format):
The Western Counties (Grant, Huntington, Wabash) (30 pages)
The Northern Counties (LaGrange, DeKalb, Steuben, Noble) (32 pages)
The Central Counties (Allen, Wells, Whitley, Adams) (36 pages)


The Allen County 2008 Fringe Benefit and Wage Report

available in Word and PDF format (55 pages):

Fringe benefits such as leave, retirement, and insurance, are becoming increasingly important to employees as well as employers. In a 2008 survey sponsored by the Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance and WorkOne Northeast, the percentage of companies offering certain benefits, as well as a breakdown of who pays for insurance premiums are identified for Allen County businesses.

The average wage by occupation for Allen County is included as a part of this report. In many cases, comparisons are made to the wages paid in other northeast Indiana counties.

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Allen County Insight


Every quarter, it is our intent to provide a recurring report on employment and wage data, as well as business events such as expansion news. In addition, each quarter will focus in detail on specific topics of local interest.

Allen County Insight is brought to you by The Community Research Institute at IPFW with the support of the Allen County Commissioners.

Issue 1- July, 2012 (6 pages, PDF)

Issue 2- October, 2012 (6 pages, PDF)

Issue 3- January, 2013 (6 pages, PDF)

Issue 4- April, 2013 (7 pages, PDF)

Issue 5- July, 2013 (5 pages, PDF)

Issue 6- October, 2013 (5 pages, PDF)

Issue 7 - January, 2014 (5 pages, PDF)

Issue 8 - April, 2014 (7 pages, PDF)

Issue 9 - July, 2014 (5 pages, PDF)

Issue 10 - October, 2014 (5 pages, PDF)

Issue 11 - January, 2015 (6 pages, PDF)

Issue 12 - April, 2015 (6 pages, PDF)

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Regional Demographic and Economic Analysis


DeKalb County Profile

DeKalb County Profile with Executive Summary available in PDF format (79 pages)
DeKalb County Profile Summary available in PDF format (8 pages)

A review of the economic, demographic, educational, housing, health and safety, and industry profile in DeKalb County, Indiana with emphasis on the period 2001 to 2010.

Prepared for the DeKalb County Community Foundation and the DeKalb United Way. Released July 2012.


Allen County Census Profile

In late 2010, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Fund awarded a grant to the Community Research Institute at IPFW (CRI) to review, analyze and make available to community the demographic and socio-economic data on Allen County being released by the U.S. Bureau of the Census through both the American Community Survey (ACS) program and the 2010 Decennial Census. There have been numerous changes in the population composition and economic condition of our community over the past ten years, and those changes can be assessed by reviewing this Census information.

Each section of the report is available below individually as a PDF file. Users of the data are strongly encouraged to read “Reengineering the Census” first in order to better understand the important difference between the information gathered through the American Community Survey and the decennial Census.


A Comprehensive Review of Economic Trends in Northeast Indiana

available in PDF format (127 pages):

A review of northeast Indiana's long-term employment and income trends from 1972-2007. Long-term changes in education and population in the area are also reviewed.

Prepared for the Cole Foundation and Northeast Indiana Foundation, Sept. 2008.

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Business Outlook


The Community Research Institute annually participates in the Indiana University Kelly School of Business Economic Outlook Panel. In conjunction with that program, the CRI prepares an economic forecast for the Fort Wayne area which appears in the Indiana Business Review’s Outlook edition.

Fort Wayne Area Outlook 2014

Fort Wayne Area Outlook 2013

Fort Wayne Area Outlook 2012

Fort Wayne Area Outlook 2011

Fort Wayne Area Outlook 2010

Fort Wayne Area Outlook 2009

Fort Wayne Area Outlook 2008

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Economic Impact Studies


The Community Research Institute has conducted numerous economic impact studies ranging from the impact of a one day event to a year long review of business entities. Some examples of our work in this area in the past ten years include the 2003 Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show, the 2005 Soccer Showcase, the 2008 Summary of NSA Girls Fastpitch Softball at the Dome, a 12-month review of the Honeywell Center on Wabash County, the impact of the USARS skating championships held in Fort Wayne in 2011, and most recently, a 12-month review of the Embassy Theatre on Allen County and downtown Fort Wayne.


The Economic Impact of the Embassy Theatre on Allen County, Indiana with Special Emphasis on the Impact to Downtown Fort Wayne

available in PDF format (41 pages):

CRI conducted a 12-month study on the impact of the Embassy Theatre on Allen County, Indiana with special emphasis on the impact to downtown Fort Wayne.


The Economic Impact of USA Roller Sports on Allen County, Indiana

available in PDF format (17 pages):

From July 17 through August 7, 2011, CRI conducted a study on the impact of USA Roller Skating National Championships in Speed and Figure Skating on Allen County, Indiana.

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Local Government Structure


Allen County Local Government Efficiency Study Committee
"Building Bridges to Improve the Efficiency of Local Government in Allen County"

available in PDF format (23 pages):

The Allen County Local Government Efficiency Study Committee was formed in March, 2008 by the Fort Wayne City Council and the Allen County Board of Commissioners. It was charged with studying methods for creating “maximum efficiencies on a cost effective basis up to and including the formation of one unit of government. All departments and elements of City and County government must be considered.” The fourteen original members of the Committee were appointed by the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County, with a fifteen member selected by those fourteen. Linda Buskirk and Marilyn Moran-Townsend served as Co-chairs of the Committee. A Final Report detailing the Committees recommendations was released to the public and the founding units of government on October 21, 2008. The Community Research Institute provided technical support to the Committee.


Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform "Streamlining Local Government We've Got to Stop Governing Like This"

available in PDF format (46 pages):

Prepared per the request of Governor Mitch Daniels by a blue-ribbon commission chaired by former Governor Joseph E. Kernan and Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard. CRI director John Stafford was also a member of the commission.


Government 101--The Structure of Local Government in Allen County

available in PDF format (95 pages/slides):

by Andrew Downs of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics and John Stafford of the Community Research Institute, IPFW. November, 2004.

A Powerpoint ® presentation of Downs and Stafford's summary to the community based on their interviews of local officials and review of the current laws and regulations. The purpose of this project was to compile a comprehensive and accurate accounting of government services in Allen County. Restructuring governments in Allen County has been the subject of discussion and debate for more than 30 years, and the debate was reinvigorated by the bills introduced in the 2003/04 session of the Indiana General Assembly. The Charter Government Study Project, Inc. and other individuals agreed that this project should be completed and made financing for the project possible.
Local units of government are broken into six categories for this presentation:

  • County, judicial
  • County, other
  • Townships
  • Third-class cities and towns
  • Second class city
  • Special taxing districts

The Charter Government Study Project, Inc. and other supporters have no editorial control over the content of the presentation or the final report.

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Analysis & Planning


Building a Twenty-First Century Economy In Northeast Indiana

available in PDF format (58 pages):

This report was prepared by the Community Research Institute for the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership as part of the latter organization's ongoing economic development strategy.

Prepared for the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership

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Review of the Casino Literature

available in PDF format (38 pages):

The recent research in such areas as the economics of gaming, patron profile, and local community and population social distress issues are reviewed in this study. Although this is a review of the literature, relevant issues pertaining to Fort Wayne's consideration of casino gambling are emphasized.

On the city's web site are links to both studies commissioned by the mayor.

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