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CAA Dramagination

When: July 7, 9:00 AM - July 11, 10:30 AM - Add to Calendar
Where: Studio Theatre in Kettler Hall
Link: www.ipfw.edu/caa
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IPFW Community Arts Academy

Dramagination (Grades K-3)

Discover the joy of stepping onto a real stage! Bring your creativity to life and learn basic stage terminology. Use your imagination and tell your story to an audience while exploring acting, directing and playwriting. Develop characters while learning movement and vocal techniques in an exciting atmosphere. This class is led by IPFW graduate Gloria Minnich, a local actress and professional acting instructor and features a final performance Friday night in Studio Theatre.

Grades K-3: Monday-Friday, July 7-11, 9am to 10:30am

Five 1.5-hour sessions: $79

Studio Theatre in Kettler Hall

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