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Office of Assessment

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Supporting a Culture of Learning at IPFW

The Office of Assessment at IPFW

The Office of Assessment at IPFW is a unit of the Office of Academic Affairs. It is responsible for coordinating the implementation and documentation of the assessment of student learning at the institution. The office assists academic divisions and academic-support units to develop learning outcomes and assessment tools, measure the effectiveness of curricular and co-curricular activities, and use assessment results to create a culture of continuous improvement. The Assessment office is housed in Kettler Hall.

Office of Assessment Expected Outcomes:

The Office of Assessment partners with faculty and their academic departments to develop and implement assessment activities that:

  • Define the level of learning expected of students as they matriculate through academic programs
  • Identify the current level of student learning, identify potential gaps between what we expect students to know and do and what they actually achieve, and to
  • Apply this knowledge to “close the loop” as IPFW uses assessment data to improve student success. 

IPFW Culture of Learning as an Integrated Perspective of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Assessment of student learning examines how or the extent to which students achieve what a faculty member or group of faculty members expect at the end of a specific unit of instruction.  Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning exchange that occurs between faculty and students.  Assessment of student learning provides information needed to improve the likelihood that what we do in a particular course or across a group of courses in an academic program contribute to student achievement of expected levels of learning as defined by IPFW Faculty Members. IPFW’s “Culture of Learning” develops as faculty members and academic units integrate “meaningful and useful” assessment with the science and art of teaching and learning to demonstrate and continuously improve the quality of student learning.

Baccalaureate Framework as Common Expectation

At IPFW the expectations for all college graduates are established by the Baccalaureate Framework and the stated outcomes of specific academic programs.

Common Language of Assessment at IPFW – A Short Glossary of Concepts

Course Level Assessment

Within a single course, assessment examines the extent to which the planned learning activities are contributing to student learning relative to the specific learning outcomes for that course. 

Programmatic Assessment

At the programmatic level, assessment examines the extent to which matriculation through a series of courses results in students achieving the student learning outcomes expected of a college graduate.

Curricular Mapping

“Curriculum mapping is a method to align instruction with desired goals and program outcomes. It can also be used to explore what is taught and how. The map or matrix:


IPFW renewed its commitment to assessment during the University Strategic Alignment Process (USAP).  As part of the commitment to clearly communicating progress and accomplishment, The Office of Assessment will be updating the following timeline to reflect our planned activities and our accomplishments.

  1. (2008-2010) Timeline leading to 2011 Report by HLC Site Team (link)
  2. (February 2011) HLC Site Visit Final Report:  HLC recommends IPFW take specific actions to move beyond “…the fragmented and episodic nature of assessment at IPFW and into a true culture of assessment…” (link to .pdf or recommendations in advancement report – highlighted section)
  3. (August 2011) Assessment Council Reconvened
  4. (August 2014) HLC Team named for Assessment Academy Proposal
  5. (Sept 2014?) As recommended by 2011 Report, IPFW proposes participation in the Assessment Academy (link to proposal?)
  6. (November 2014) New Assessment Director Hired
  7. (November 2014) Initial draft of IPFW Institutional Assessment Plan
  8. November 2014) IPFW Accepted into HLC Assessment Academy
  9. (December 2014)  Assessment Council Reconvened
  10. (December 2014) Assessment Goals, Outcomes and Request for Resources submitted to USAP Committee.
  11. (January 2015) Assessment Council begins process to update Senate Documents related to Assessment and align with current “best practice” as foundation for developing a new assessment plan.