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Applied Leadership Series

Changing technologies. Pending legislation.
Buyouts and expansions. Social media for business.

How we conduct business and connect with our customers is changing. Organizations need innovative and visionary leaders who can seamlessly take over as 78 million Baby Boomers prepare to retire. For the seasoned manager with vision, now is the time to lead.

An intensive 3-day workshop to raise the bar on your personal best

IPFW’s Applied Leadership Series is designed to develop the leadership skills of the manager who is energetic, visionary, and ready to move up to a new level of performance with a commitment to the future. The curriculum, guided by regional business people from various industries, covers skills pertinent to today’s business leader:

• Managing innovation and change
• Shaping change and managing organizational culture
• Conquering challenges in a dynamic market
• Understanding the financial impact of decision making
• Marketing internally and externally and managing social media
• Aligning teams for optimal performance

Roll up your sleeves!

ALS Group

This intensive 3-day workshop will challenge the core of your creativity and push you beyond the boundaries of your experience!

Pre-workshop online preparation will include:
360 degree assessment of your leadership style - New for this year!

Throughout the series you will gain:
Stronger insight to leading an organization through change
• Ability to infuse innovation into your organization
• Deeper understanding of key elements driving business today
• Integrated workplace leadership development plan

Follow-up support for your plan
Follow-up at 30 days out.

Sponsored by the IPFW Division of Continuing Studies in partnership with the Department of Organizational Leadership and Supervision.  IPFW is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access University.