Indiana–Purdue Student Government Association



To reserve a Don Rock for your organization, please fill out our Request Form HERE

  1. The purpose of the Don Rocks is to provide Student Organizations and University Departments a place to promote their activities and events, and to celebrate their pride in IPFW.
  2. Any recognized student organization or university department may paint one(1) of the three Don Rocks to advertise for events, programs, and recruitment. Non-university-affiliated groups may not utilize the boulders.
  3. Groups wishing to use a Don Rock may request to do so by filling out the request form below. Reservations will be made on a first-come-first-served basis.
  4. Groups may use a Don Rock for periods of 3-5 days; extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis if there are no pending requests for usage. Groups should paint the date that their painting is completed on the finished work.
  5. Only water-based paint may be used. Exterior acrylic paint is recommended. Spray paint and airbrushing is not permitted. Groups are expected to provide their own paint and supplies; materials must be approved in advance.
  6. Painting is allowed on the rock only. Damage to the surrounding area (grass, trees, sidewalks, etc.) may result in loss of usage privileges and/or financial penalties against the offending group.
  7. No additional materials may be affixed to the rocks, including, but not limited to: paper, glitter, fabric, sticks, tape, papier-mâché, flags, etc.
  8. Content should be in good taste, and adhere to the IPFW Student Code of Conduct. 
  9. Violations may result in a loss of usage privileges, based on the severity of the infraction.


The Don Rocks are the brain-child of former IPSGA Vice President of Programming, Jessie Graves (2014-2016). After seeing spirit rocks on other campuses, Jessie wanted to bring a similar landmark to our campus to give the campus community a place to celebrate their IPFW pride and to promote all the cool ways for students to get involved.

With the help of Physical Plant Director Jay Harris and his crew, three limestone boulders were relocated from the grounds of Ginsberg Warehouse to their new home on the Science Mall, where they now sit, awaiting the creative touch of students, faculty, and staff.