Indiana–Purdue Student Government Association

Vice President of Financial and Academic Affairs

Hoppes-James (002)James Hoppes (2016-2018)

James Hoppes is a senior majoring in Physics/Biophysics/Mechanical Engineering Tech. James also works at The American Legion and is a lab TA in the Physics department. He has been highly involved during his time at IPFW, currently serving as the treasurer for the Society of Physics Students, and previously as the treasurer of the Ski and Snowboard Club for five years. James has served for four years as a member of the Student Senate, including three years as the Chair of the Senate Legislative Affairs Committee for three years, and received the 2014-2015 IPSGA Member of the Year award for his service to the organization. 

As the Vice President of Financial and Academic Affairs, James hopes to continue to fight for the rights and benefit of the students, and to improve the efficiency and transparency of IPSGA.

The Vice President of Financial and Academic Affairs serves as the chief financial officer of IPSGA and the co-office manager of the IPSGA Office, and represents IPSGA on matters related to the IPSGA budget and academic issues. The VP of Financial and Academic Affairs serves as the Chair of the IPSGA Allocations Committee, works closely with the IPSGA Media Board, and represents IPSGA on the University Budget Committee. 

You can contact James about:

  • The IPSGA budget
  • IPSGA funding processes
  • Pending Senate funding requests and funding reconciliation
  • The IPSGA Media Board
  • The Allocations Committee

Contact information:


Phone: 260-481-6587

Location: Walb Student Union, Room 225A

Office Hours: TBD