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Sigma Xi Events 2016-17

Events for Spring 2017

Annual Sigma Xi Awards Banquet

  • The Sigma Xi awards for students and faculty are presented at the annual dinner.
  • Date: Monday, April 24. Dinner starting at 6:00, followed (around 7:30) by awards and presentation.
  • Location: The Lucky Moose, 622 E Dupont Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • No reservation or invitation required, this event is open to everyone at IPFW and their guests.  The "Coconut Club" room in the back is reserved for our event and you may order from the menu.
  • Congratulations to Prof. Dong Chen on the 2017 College Science Teacher of the Year award, and to Prof. Jeff Anderson on the 2017 Researcher of the Year award!  Prof. Anderson will give a short presentation at the awards event.
  • Photos from the 2017 event

The IPFW Student Research and Creative Endeavor Symposium

  • Wednesday, March 29, 2017.
  • Student Presenter Checklist and 2017 Schedule
  • Photos from the 2017 event
  • IPFW Sigma Xi presents its annual student research awards based on posters judged at this event.  All projects in scientific and/or engineering areas will be considered, there is no need for students to apply separately for these awards.
  • Congratulations to winners of the 2017 Sigma Xi student research awards!
    • IPFW Sigma Xi Award for Best Graduate Student Poster:  Jinlong Han, Biology, Fac. Sponsor Punya Nachappa
    • IPFW Sigma Xi Award for Best Undergraduate Poster: Benjamin Burris, Chemistry, Fac. Sponsor Peng Jing
    • IPFW Sigma Xi Award for Best Team Poster: Lauren Hoffmann & Emma Zolman, Biology, Fac. Sponsor Punya Nachappa

Annual Sigma Xi Faculty Awards for Research and Science Teaching

  • Application due date: Friday, April 7, 2017.
  • Nomination form for IPFW Sigma Xi Research Award: DOC
  • Nomination form for IPFW Sigma Xi Science Teaching Award:DOC

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