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Financial Aid

It’s easier than you might think.

How to Apply

The first step in the financial aid process is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA will be used to determine your eligibility for federal and Indiana state aid programs, and some scholarships also require a FAFSA on file.

Before you begin filing the FAFSA, you will find it valuable to print and complete a FAFSA worksheet. The FAFSA worksheet will help you assemble the information you’ll need to complete the FAFSA.

Information Needed to Complete the FAFSA

To complete the FAFSA, you will need the following information:

Dependent Students

  • Student’s federal tax return (if filed)
  • Parents’ federal tax return
  • School code (IPFW’s school code is 001828)
  • FAFSA PIN number for student and parent

Independent Students

  • Student’s federal tax return, if filed
  • School code (IPFW’s school code is 001828)
  • FAFSA PIN number

When to File the FAFSA

The FAFSA must be submitted every year you need financial aid. The FAFSA is available after January 1 each year.

To be eligible for Indiana state aid programs like 21st Century Scholars, the Indiana National Guard grant, or the Frank O’Bannon Higher Education Award, the Federal Processer must receive your FAFSA by 11:59 p.m. on March 10 each year.

Additionally, if you need to make any corrections to your FAFSA, you must do so by 11:59p.m. on May 15 each year or you will lose your state aid eligibility. You can access your state aid information at any time at the state of Indiana’s student aid portal, eStudent.

If you are unsure of which year’s FAFSA to submit, use the table below:

How to determine which FAFSA application to use
SemesterFAFSA Application
Spring 2014 (Jan.-May 2014) 2013-2014 FAFSA
Summer 2014 (May-Aug. 2014) 2013–2014 FAFSA
Fall 2014 (Aug.-Dec. 2014) 2014–2015 FAFSA
Spring 2015 (Jan.-May 2015) 2014–2015 FAFSA

After Filing the FAFSA

IPFW will receive your FAFSA within 3 to 5 business days. If you are already admitted to IPFW, your FAFSA will be processed at that time. The Enrollment tab on myIPFW will show a green checkmark if your FAFSA has been received.

If you must provide any documentation, or if you were selected for verification, you will also see red flags. Please provide the requested information as quickly as possible, as you cannot be awarded any federal or state aid until the red flags are cleared.

Also, log on to the state of Indiana’s student aid portal, eStudent, to make sure the state of Indiana does not show any problems with your FAFSA that must be corrected.

Once any requirements have been cleared, you will be awarded your financial aid package. For more information on awarding, read about the Award Process.

Common Scholarship Application

The process of applying for a variety of scholarships at IPFW begins with submitting the common scholarship application. Note that you must have an active myIPFW account in order to apply, and your scholarship application must be completed by February 1.

Assistantships for Graduate Students

Many graduate programs at IPFW offer research and teaching assistantships for current graduate students. For more information, contact the graduate program director or the department for your program of interest.