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IPFW-Ivy Tech Crossroads

If you apply to Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne and are denied admission you may enroll in the IPFW-Ivy Tech Crossroads Program.  Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Apply for admission to Ivy Tech.  Students must successfully complete a minimum of 15 college level (not remedial) credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above at Ivy Tech. Courses in which grades of D or F are earned will not transfer.
  2. All Crossroads students enrolling at Ivy Tech are required to take the Ivy Tech assessment test to determine placement in reading, writing, and mathematics courses. Ivy Tech policy requires that students who test into a developmental/remedial course must complete that course before taking a higher level course.
  3. Crossroads students must complete a college level English course (ENGL 111 or above) and a mathematics course at Ivy Tech (MATH 035, 043, or 118 or above) with a grade of C or higher in each course and 3 additional college level courses (9 credits) which are transferable to IPFW. The 3 additional courses may be either general education courses or course applying to a potential major. IPFW general education requirements can be found online.
  4. Crossroads students are required to take courses as advised by their Ivy Tech advisor and their IPFW Crossroads advisor. Students will meet with their Ivy Tech advisor regarding Ivy Tech courses, course scheduling, prerequisites, and requirements or with their Crossroads advisor if they have questions about course transferability, the transfer process, and course sequencing.
  5. Students are expected to attend classes and schedule appointments with their advisor.
  6. Upon completion of 15 credits, a Crossroads student is eligible to apply for admission to IPFW as a transfer student. Questions regarding admissions to IPFW should be directed to an IPFW Admissions Counselor or to the IPFW Crossroads Advisor.
  7. Grades for remedial courses taken at Ivy Tech will not be calculated into the GPA by IPFW when a Crossroads student applies for transfer admission to IPFW.

For further information, visit the Crossroads website.

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