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Adult Admits

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Admission Classifications

There are two classifications for adult students who graduated more than two years ago. Admission requirements vary based on your classification.

Adult Admit

If you graduated from high school more than two years ago and never attended college elsewhere, you’d be considered an Adult Admit to IPFW.

Regular Admission to a Major

  • Class rank in the top half of your graduating class
  • Cumulative GPA must be above 2.8
  • College prep curriculum, including algebra and geometry

Students not meeting the above admissions requirements will be required to take an academic preparedness test prior to admission and could be admitted conditionally or referred to the IPFW—Ivy Tech Crossroads Program.

GED Admit

If you received a General Educational Development (GED) diploma, you’re considered a GED Admit.

  • Regular admission to a major requires a GED score of 580 or above
  • Students who received a GED score of 570-540 may be admitted conditionally to the Mastodon Advising Center.
  • Students who received a GED score of 539 or below are referred to the IPFW–Ivy Tech Crossroads Program.
  • If your original high school graduation date would have taken place less than two years ago, you will be required to submit SAT or ACT test scores as part of your application.

Admissions Appeal Process

To appeal an admission decision the applicant must submit a written statement to the Admission Appeals Committee explaining how, regardless of past academic record, he or she is prepared to be successful in university studies. The statement must be typed and no longer than one page. Student name, mailing address and contact information should be included. The decision of the committee will be sent in writing and is final. Admissions contact information.