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Admission Requirements

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How you apply to Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) depends on your status as a student. Review the student classifications below to determine which describes you best.

Beginning Freshman

Thumbnail If you’re coming straight from high school, you’re considered a beginning freshman.

Learn more about admission requirements for beginning freshman.

International Students

Thumbnail If you’ve come to our campus from abroad, you’re considered an international student.

Learn more about admission requirements for international students.

Home-Schooled Students

ThumbnailHome-schooled students must meet certain requirements for admission.

Visit the Admissions Requirements page for home-schooled students to find out more.

Adult Admits

ThumbnailIf you graduated high school more than two years ago and haven’t attended college elsewhere, you’re considered an adult admit.

Review the admission requirements for adult admits.

Visiting Students

ThumbnailIf you’re interested in attending IPFW temporarily, you may be considered a visiting or guest student.

Explore the requirements you must meet to be considered a visiting student.

Graduate Students

Thumbnail Interested in continuing your education with a graduate program?

Find out more about admissions requirements for specific programs.

IPFW Collegiate ConnectionTM Students

Current high school students can jump start their college careers by taking college classes while still in high school.

See how to get an early start on college with Collegiate Connection.

Transfer Students

ThumbnailIf you’ve previously studied at another university, you’re a transfer student.

Consider the admission requirements for different types of transfer students.

Re-entering Students

ThumbnailIf you’ve attended IPFW in the past and are now ready to come back, you’re considered a re-entry student.

Examine the admission requirements for re-entering students.