Celebrate 50 Years

Admissions Staff

Meet the Admissions staff.

Administrative Staff

Tonishea Jackson

Tonishea Jackson, Director of Admissions






Laura Zeigler

Laura Zeigler, Assistant Director






Maria Norman

Maria Norman, Assistant Director






Roy Danielian

Roy Danielian, Assistant Director






Kody Tinnel

Kody Tinnel, Assistant Director






Jaerae Hampton

Jahrae Hampton, Assistant Director of Multicultural Outreach and Recruitment






Mary Remenschneider

Mary Remenschneider, Operations Assistant






Ann Brown

Ann Brown, Collegiate Connection/Crossroads Coordinator






Clerical Staff

  • Pam Boon, Information Specialist
  • Sandy Colpean, Prospect Clerk
  • Doreen Crunk, Undergraduate Applications Coordinator
  • Susan Humphrey, CTR Data Input Clerk
  • Angela Morren, Undergraduate Applications Coordinator
  • Kristy Ohneck, Collegiate Connections/Crossroads, Program Assistant
  • Alice Rice, Undergraduate Applications Coordinator
  • Sam Pray, Information Specialist
  • Nancy Simmonds, Information Specialist
  • Karolyn Smith, Credentials Analyst
  • Lane Westerfield, Information Specialist