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Integrity Statement

We as a university community are committed to integrity and ethical conduct. We foster an environment that nurtures and supports the complementary concepts of freedom and responsibility. Paramount to our commitment is continued validation and support of the highest ethical standards of equity, fairness, and confidentiality. We respect differences and embrace diversity. We are committed to equitable treatment and mutual respect for all members of the IPFW community.

We respect both individual rights and the public interest. We encourage a learning environment in which open and free pursuit of knowledge takes place and individuals share their personal convictions without imposing them on others. Additionally, we embrace the ideal of freedom of expression for faculty, staff, and students in their academic work and as citizens of the university. The professional contributions of all individuals involved are fully and accurately acknowledged.

It is the responsibility of the entire IPFW community to honor the principles of ethics and academic integrity. Students and faculty have the right to expect their work to be assessed on its academic merit. All members of the IPFW community are expected to espouse academic honesty and every individual is responsible for upholding this expectation. Ethical and honest behavior is required in all actions that support IPFW’s academic mission.

IPFW takes seriously its responsibility to the citizens of Indiana. All faculty, students, and staff of the university will be responsible stewards of the public trust.

Working with our community partners, we share knowledge and resources for reciprocal benefit and advancement. IPFW faculty and staff pledge to uphold the highest ethical standards while providing an education of the highest academic quality.