About Us


Office of the Chancellor

Vicky L. Carwein, Chancellor
Email: chancellor@ipfw.edu
Cassandra Clore, Manager of Special Projects and Chancellor Events
Phone: 260-481-4106
Diana Petrova, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
Phone: 260-481-6105
Email: diana.petrova@ipfw.edu
Eric Norman, Interim Chief of Staff
Phone: 260-481-6103
Email: cos@ipfw.edu
John Kaufeld, Chief Communications Officer
Phone: 260-481-4174
Email: kaufeldj@ipfw.edu

Office of Financial and Administrative Affairs

David Wesse, Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs
Phone: 260-481-6804
Email: wessed@ipfw.edu
Tamarah Brownlee, Director of Human Resources and Institutional Equity
Phone: 260-481-6677
Email: brownlet@ipfw.edu
Philip Davich, Director of Accounting and Fiscal Systems
Phone: 260-481-6326
Email: davich@ipfw.edu
Mitch Davidson, Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Technology Services
Phone: 260-481-6196
Email: davidsom@ipfw.edu
Cyndy Elick, Director of Purchasing
Phone: 260-481-6204
Email: elick@ipfw.edu
H. Jay Harris, Director of Physical Plant
Phone: 260-481-6785
Email: harrishj@ipfw.edu
Kelley Hartley Hutton, Director of Athletics and Recreation
Phone: 260-481-6643
Email: hartleyk@ipfw.edu
Diana Jackson, Senior Business Manager
Phone: 260-481-6618
Email: jacksond@ipfw.edu
Christine M. Marcuccilli, Associate Director of Human Resources–Compliance
Phone: 260-481-6106
Email: marcuccc@ipfw.edu
Pam Michalec, Bursar
Phone: 260-481-6336
Email: michalec@ipfw.edu
Walter Soptelean, Director of Budget and Planning
Phone: 260-481-6119
Email: soptelew@ipfw.edu
Matt Whitney, Business Manager for the Foundation/Chancellor’s Area
Phone: 260-481-6324
Email: whitneym@ipfw.edu
Julie Yunker, Police Chief
Phone: 260-481-0739
Email: yunkerja@ipfw.edu

Office of Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management

Carl N. Drummond, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management
Phone: 260-481-6116
Email: drummond@ipfw.edu
Marcia Dixson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning
Phone: 260-481-6558
Email: dixson@ipfw.edu
Kenneth Christmon, Interim Director of Admissions
Phone: 260-481-6147
Email: christmk@ipfw.edu
Patrick A. McLaughlin, Associate Vice Chancellor and Registrar
Phone: 260-481-6128
Email: mclaughp@ipfw.edu
Brian Mylrea, Director of International Education
Phone: 260-481-6034
Email: mylreab@ipfw.edu
David Peterson, Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 260-481-6130
Email: petersod@ipfw.edu
Carol S. Sternberger, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies
Phone: 260-481-5798
Email: sternber@ipfw.edu

Office of Student Affairs

George S. McClellan, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Phone: 260-481-6844
Email: mcclellg@ipfw.edu
Kenneth C. Christmon, Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
Phone: 260-481-6605
Email: christmk@ipfw.edu
Kristina Creager, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Transitions
Phone: 260-481-6140
Email: creagerk@ipfw.edu
Eric Norman, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students
Phone: 260-481-6601
Email: norman@ipfw.edu
Barton Price, Director of Centers for Academic Success and Achievement
Phone: 260-481-6111
Email: priceb@ipfw.edu
Kasey Price, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Leadership
Phone: 260-481-6485
Email: pricek@ipfw.edu

Office of Advancement

Angie Fincannon, Vice Chancellor for Advancement
Phone: 260-481-6962
Email: angie.fincannon@ipfw.edu
Colleen Dixon, Director of Advancement Services
Phone: 260-481-0685
Email: dixonc@ipfw.edu
Melissa Eastman, Interim Director of Alumni Relations
Phone: 260-481-6174
Email: eastmanm@ipfw.edu
Bernard J. Lohmuller, Director of College Access Television
Phone: 260-481-6056
Email: lohmulle@ipfw.edu
Jack Patton, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Director of Marketing Communications
Phone: 260-481-6710
Email: pattonj@ipfw.edu
Open, Director of Athletic Development
Phone: 260-481-6894